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Growing up, school wasn’t my strong suit. I wanted it to be, as I was brought up thinking being good in school meant I was going to be good in business and all I wanted was to be like my dad, a business (wo)man!

I worked really hard to be good in school, but until mid-way through high school, it wasn’t happening for me.

It didn’t help that I was the younger sibling of a straight A student. My older sister was simply brilliant in school and by the time she was 26, she already had a PhD.

Can you relate? Being the second or third or forth child and not being quite as skilled at something as the others?

Math is where I struggled the most.

The irony was that I loved math. I loved to solve problems, I loved the logic behind the equations, I loved detailing the solution.

But I hardly ever got it right.

My mom, the ever proactive parent, and a former math teacher, took it upon herself to teach me.

And so everyday after school, she would give me extra math homework. She would read to problem, explain it and on I would go to solve it.

To her greatest surprise, and somewhat mine also, I would get the answer right. Almost every time.

I continued getting everything straight As at home but failing the math tests at school.

Where was the problem?

The issue wasn’t math. The issue was that I didn’t understand the problem.

Turns out, I was actually really good in math.

What I wasn’t good at was text comprehension. I didn’t understand what was asked of me so no matter how sharp my math skills were, they were irrelevant because I didn’t understand what answer the teacher was looking for.

Does that sound familiar to you? Having all these skills and talent but not getting the results you are hoping for?

That was me with math. Eventually my mom ditched the math problems and had me work hard in text comprehension.

That changed everything. I went from a below average student to a top student all the way through law school and a second graduate degree.

All because I got clear on what was asked of me AND what I needed to do to get the results I wanted.

What does that have to do with vision?


The funny thing about a business vision is that in order to have one, you need to be clear on what you what.

And I don’t mean generally clear, I mean crystal clear. So clear that if you were to describe your vision in a few words to a painter, he could paint an exact replica of what is in your head.

That type of clarity.

Why is it important for your vision to be clear?

Because just like my math problems that I never answered correctly because I wasn’t clear on the problem, clarity is what guides your actions, align your decisions, speaks to your customers, defines your brand, increases customer loyalty, resonates with your fans, generates profits

Basically all the things you want your business to do.

Clarity is the foundation on which all good decisions are based.

If you are unclear on what you want, how can the outcome be clear and focused?

The greater majority of my clients are business owners. My clients have all reached a certain level of success but they come to me because they’re stuck: up until then, things were moving in their business.

But all of a sudden they stopped growing, attracting new clients, generating more profits, selling out their products and services…

What happened?

It could be many things, but in my experience over the last 20 years in working with business leaders, this can often be linked back to a lack of vision.

At the start, the founder has a clear vision of where she wants to take her company and why it matters to her.

Everything is clear in her head as she shares her ideas, her goals and her dreams with everyone around her. She is 100% focused on realizing her vision.

But as she gets caught up in the everyday chores of reaching her goals, she no longer grows or fuels her vision. And by the time she’s reached her initial goals, her vision is often no longer a reflection of what she wants, who she is or why she started in the first place.

And now she’s stuck and wants to get unstuck.

How to fuel your vision?

As part of my Business Clarity coaching program, I go through a series of coaching questions to bring out what is missing and why the vision is unclear, so they can refuel and focus their vision and get back to running a profitable and lucrative business.

It’s not easy work and I am often met with strong pushback.

Remember, my clients are already successful on some level. Clearly they’ve done something right at one point but whatever that is, they need to get it back.

And that’s where I step in.

To realign their business and most often then not, to realign themselves to what truly matters and to why they started this business in the first place.

Here are the top 5 questions to fuel and focus your vision:

1 – What did you originally set out to accomplish and why?

2 – What is at the core of your business that, if everything was stripped away, would still remain?

3 – If you only look to the futur, where are you in 5 years and why is that important to you?

4 – What business are you really in and is it align with what you truly want?

5 – Is your business vision a reflection of who you are?

I encourage you to ask yourself the same questions.

You may wonder how these questions will help you with your vision.

The key to an impactful vision is one that is close to who you are. One that resonates with you. One that is an extension of you. One that clearly states who you are and what you stand for.

Your vision starts with you.

And more often then not, CEOs, Founders and business owners loose sight of the “me’ part of their business.

Everything becomes mechanical and goal driven. Instead of being vision driven.

There lies the difference.

These questions aim to bring you back to the essence of your business and who you are in this business.

That is where authenticity lies. That is where character lies. That is where your truth lies.

And THAT is what drives customer loyalty, brand recognition, raving fans…. and increased profits.

Because people trust other people more then they trust a business. So the “person” side of your business is what has to shine through.

The “person” who is you has to shine through your vision.

So now that you know what you can do to fuel and focus your vision, take out a piece of paper and write down those 5 questions.

Share some of your answers or comments with our community in the comments below.

If you don’t get clear answers right away, don’t despair.

Fuelling and recreating your vision can take some time. Remember that what matters most, is to put the essence of who you are back at the center of your vision and get really clear on what you want.

À votre succès,


P.S. I know what it feels like to want so much out of life and to run a business that has a positive and powerful impact on the world. I understand what it’s like to read endless self-help sand business mastery books, looking for that edge that is going to calm the overwhelm and give direction to your life and your business.

I know how all of it feels like because I was stuck there for years. And so have all my clients.

Now don’t get me wrong. I LOVE self-help and business mastery books and still read them to this day. But now I know what I was missing that none of these books could give me and that is A CLEAR MISSION OF WHAT I WANT IN MY LIFE AND FOR MY LIFE.

It took me years and thousands of dollars spent on coaches, mentors, workshops and online courses to get to this point. And let’s not forget the two decades I spent travelling the world and working as an international corporate lawyer alongside top business leaders.

All of that got me to here. And HERE is to help you. Because my own mission is:

To inspire and lead others to find clarity and affirm their purpose.

No matter what stage you are at in your life, finding your purpose and getting clear on your mission is the greatest gifts you can give yourself. It is what will bring you the greatest fulfilment. Not to mention, the greatest abundance.

Abundance, yes. When you are clear on what you want, you can focus all of your energy and your willpower on making it happen. Things start flowing, new opportunities are presented to you, ideal clients and partners and adventures are directed your way.

You may not understand how this is all happening and this is far from being “magic” or some woo woo concept. This is simply you getting clear on what you want and channeling your energy accordingly.

If you are looking for that transformation, if you have reached that point where you know there is more to get from your life and your business but you just don’t know how to get there, then I can help you.

I can guide you through the step by step process of getting clear on your vision, your mission and your purpose.

My style of mentoring is tailored to you, your needs, your experiences and your desired outcomes. This is not some cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all kind of coaching.

This is for those that are willing to put in the work to get more out life and their business: more money, more abundance, more joy, more freedom, more fulfilment.

If this sounds like you, if you are like all of my other succesful clients that came to me searching for something more and getting even more out of their life and business, then I urge you to CLICK HERE and get in touch with me directly.

I will directly respond to your email. Not my assistant or another coach. I will personally assist you.

But let me make this clear for you, before you click that link. You are going to have to work for what you want. I am not the “cheerleader” type of coach.

Yes I will support you 1000% but I will also call you out when you need it most.

Remember, this is about YOU. THIS IS ABOUT YOU GETTING THE MOST OUT OF YOUR LIFE. In order to get you there, you will need to work through the process.

If you are ready then I can’t wait to work with you. CLICK HERE.

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