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On me demande souvent comment je suis arrivé là où j'en suis aujourd'hui.

Truth is, it’s a myriad of choices I made, coupled with massive failures and setbacks. My unwavering willingness to figure out what I was capable of, why I was here and how I could positively impact and serve those around me.

Ma quête pour comprendre le pourquoile quoiet le comment a commencé à un très jeune âge et dès l'âge de 16 ans, je faisais ma première retraite silencieuse dans un monastère. C'était la première de nombreuses retraites qui m'ont amené à étudier avec des leaders spirituels du monde entier.

Unsure of my path but wanting a fulfilling and challenging career, I followed my father’s advice and became an international business lawyer. I dove head first into my career and worked relentlessly to succeed.

I realized by working alongside wildly successful entrepreneurs and executives for over 15 years that our purpose is within us and our capability to show up for ourselves and others start with leadership.

Au cours de ces 15 années de pratique juridique, j'ai tout sacrifié à la poursuite de ce que je pensais vouloir être. Travailler 80 à 100 heures par semaine était la norme. Mais j'avais envie de plus.


As an introvert who fought to be seen, heard and recognized, I took every opportunity to learn how to communicate, lead and speak confidently.

I surrounded myself with mentors who showed me how to stand up for myself, fully and unapologetically.

Decades later, I am that mentor to hundreds of aspiring leaders, eager to be seen, heard and recognized.

The key to my success and that of my clients is in the combination of how I teach self-confidence, executive presence and assertive communication; and coach through real-life circumstances.

My method of mentoring and teaching is built on a foundation of 20 + years of experience, working internationally as a business lawyer, building my businesses, interviewing potential hires, negotiating business deals and being willing to dive deep into communication and leadership development.

If you’re here, you may be where I was a few decades ago, wondering how I can help. If so, this GUIDE may help you.


Helping you find your power,