Can I share a story with you?


I know you just landed on this page but I think you’ll find value in this story. Or at least, you won’t feel so alone.


It’s the story of how I failed at pretty much everything. How I failed my way through law school, failed my way through businesses, failed my way through financial woes.


It’s my story.


The story of a woman who had to build her self-confidence and learn to stand up for herself; develop her charisma and her assertiveness; master her emotions and communicate with ease in order to be seen, to be heard, to be recognized.


All had to be learned, none were innate.


My story, I’m sure, is similar to yours. You are filled with ambition and goals but somehow, your setbacks, your lack of confidence, you inability to be seen, heard and recognized are keeping you stuck.


If you are done with being stuck, then I have something for you.


You won’t find this anywhere else.


It’s a mentorship program to help you propel your career forward.


And it absolutely works.

What is it? It’s called Power Player Academy. Our focus is to mentor you while teaching the skills you need to lead with influence: Executive Presence – Assertive Communication- Self-Confidence – Charisma and Emotional Mastery. When you learn how to be seen, heard and recognized, you change your outcomes. I’ve packaged everything I’ve learned in the past 20 + years of my career as an international business lawyer and as a CEO  and priced it ridiculously low so there’s no competition and no excuses. But I didn’t stop there, in addition to all the mentoring and coaching, I’m giving you access to all my exclusive podcasts and audio trainings to download and, full access to every Masterclass I ever created:

  • Be Memorable

  • Master your emotions

  • Overcome people pleasing

  • Communicate with power

  • Building Self-Confidence

  • Executive Presence

That’s not all…


Every month, a new Masterclass comes out for you to master the skills and take action.


And what if I gave this all to you for $49 a month?


You can stay for one month or for five years.


You can cancel at any time. But why would you?


So what now? Enroll and do the following:


Watch our welcome video to get the most out of your experience in The Academy.


Attend all Group Coaching Calls.


That alone is worth over $1,000.


Then, take a Masterclass or Audio Training on any topic you’re interested in.


The value is insane.


As a woman who’s made it in business, I know what it takes to have a respected seat at the table.


I want you to sit, and stand, wherever you choose and be seen, heard and recognized.


This is my life’s mission.


Join the membership now.


You have nothing to lose.


Let the world see, hear and recognize you as the leader you are.




We’ve got you covered. We’re offering you a Free Mini Masterclass: Master your emotions – Own your success.

All you have to do is fill out the form below and you’ll be redirected to your Masterclass. 

We know you’ll get so much value, you’ll want to join Power Player Academy. 

See you inside.