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No matter how much you've accomplished as an entrepreneur, being a CEO has you raising the bar on:

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✔️ your leadership
✔️ your performance

We're on a mission to help high achieving entrepreneurs raise the bar on their leadership and build a culture that drives performance, engagement and profits.

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    Eloïse Gagnon

    Performance & Leadership Coach

    Who is Eloïse?

    An international corporate lawyer for over 15 years and a successful entrepreneur for 20. It's the combination of mistakes, failures and successes that allow me to coach high achievers into achieving more. True leadership and a powerful company culture are the determining factors in your bottom line and ultimately, your success.

    What's the gist?

    • Holding you accountable
    • Developing your ownership
    • Making you a better decision-taker
    • Sharing strategies and mind shifts to grow your bottom line.
    • Enhancing your skills to become an impactful leader
    • Creating a culture to build your legacy