Is Your Lack of Confident Communication Slowing You Down?

Unlock the Proven Path To Confidently Build Authority, Command Respect and Amplify Your Influence.

Power Player Academy (PPA) is a 10-week online training program that empowers you with the communication skills and strategies to confidently elevate your career and your life to new heights.

You're ambitious. You work hard. But do others recognize it?

Confident communication is your ability to express yourself clearly, persuasively, and assertively. It’s effectively conveying thoughts, ideas, and feelings to others through your words and body language, with a sense of self-assuredness and conviction.

Stand up for your ideas
Gain recognition

Claim your seat
Speak with conviction

Lead conversations
& Be heard and valued

You are destined for MORE

Despite your drive and dedication, you keep hitting a wall.

lack of confidence in the workplace
lack of confidence in the workplace

Power Player Academy will help you break free from these patterns by giving you the tools and strategies to amp up your assertiveness, boost your self-confidence, and speak with unwavering conviction. It’s about unleashing your inner powerhouse!

Confident Communicators are not born. They are made.

PPA is your path to finally standing up for yourself and owning your seat at the table.

During the program, you will be taught and mentored how to:

Handle Situations with Confidence

Unshakable self-confidence is at the heart of assertiveness, recognition, and being heard. Build a solid foundation of confidence, self-worth and assuredness, liberating you from the trap of people-pleasing, fear of criticism and playing small.

Unlock Emotional Agility

Navigate tense meetings, handle rude interruptions and stand up for yourself. Learn to stay centred amid turmoil, remain poised in conflicts, and exemplify composure while acknowledging and processing your emotions seamlessly.

Command the Room with Authority

Unveil the secrets of impactful body language and presence, ensuring you make a lasting and powerful impression. Whether it's a presentation, a meeting, or a networking event, your presence will speak volumes.

Communicate Assertively

Learn assertive communication - a transformative skill that empowers you to convey your thoughts with confidence and conviction. Engaging in conversations where your voice is heard and your perspective valued. Unlock the power to advocate for yourself and your ideas.

Navigate Difficult Conversations

Navigate challenging conversations with unwavering assurance. Articulate thoughts, ideas, and expectations clearly and effectively. Steer conversations towards solutions, foster a collaborative atmosphere, and establish yourself as a confident communicator.

Persuade People & Inspire them to Act

Allow your words to captivate, inspire, and drive action. Whether it's a presentation to superiors, a pitch to a client, a conversation with peers or a keynote to a large audience, learn to craft persuasive messaging that projects authority and showcases your true potential and your value.

Now envision your future self as that person who–

Power Player Academy Framework

Central to this blueprint is the elevation of self-confidence, emotional intelligence and powerful communication. These cornerstones usher in a lifetime of invaluable skills, transforming your ability to captivate attention, be heard, and secure the recognition you unequivocally deserve.

PPA Framework for Confident Communication

Stage 1: Building Your Foundation 




The more confident you become, the more you’ll be able to stand up for yourself, follow through on your commitments, take courageous action and pick yourself up after a setback or temporary defeat. Confidence calms the inner voice that says, “I can’t do it. I shouldn’t do it. Who am I to do this.” 

Central lesson: Learn the behavioural thought patterns that allow you to build confidence from the inside out, take action to implement it right away and start seeing results.




Once you’ve mastered self-leadership, you can master anything else. By enhancing your self-discipline, shedding old limiting beliefs, establishing and enforcing firm boundaries and optimizing your motivation, there is simply nothing you can’t accomplish regardless of current circumstances.

Central lesson: Learning and adequately applying the 3 CORE principles of self-leadership.




In this module, we’ll explore the fundamental concept of self-worthiness and understand its significance in leading a fulfilling life, delve into building a positive self-image, overcoming your inner critic, practicing self-validation, building resilience and embracing imperfection.

Central lesson: Learn the five key characteristics of  self-esteem and how to develop them in your own life so you can improve your decision-making process, your relationships, your emotional health, and your overall well-being.




In this module, you will embark on a self-exploration process, gaining valuable insights, tools, and strategies to clarify your professional goals, align your passions with your career, and create a clear roadmap for success.

Central lesson: Create a sense of direction, fulfillment and joy in your life without the overwhelm, shame or guilt. Show up ready for your goals and ambitions.

Stage 2: Elevating your EQ



In this module, you will learn how to handle challenging conversations, respond with grace and assertiveness to constructive criticism, understand and diffuse your emotional triggers, and put down your guard to see opportunities.

Central lesson: Control your response despite the chaos, inspire trust and confidence, reduce team stress, defuse conflict and improve job satisfaction.




In this Module, we’ll look into understanding people-pleasing and its negative impact, discovering your authentic self, setting and enforcing powerful boundaries and fostering healthy relationships. 

Central lesson: Learn the Sandbox Framework that allows you to get to the root cause of your people-pleasing and overcome it once and for all.




In this Module, we’ll give you the tools and strategies to overcome speaking anxiety, whether in a small group or a large crowd. In this transformative Module, you’ll build new skills, shift your mindset and gain valuable techniques to conquer your fear of public speaking and unlock your true speaking potential.

Central lesson: Learn the 5 Focus Points to help you move beyond and manage your fear of public speaking

Stage 3: Communicating with clarity



Assertive communication allows you to successfully deliver your message in a way that reflects your opinions, thoughts and feelings while respecting others. In this Module, you will learn the power of assertive communication and how to develop and hone those skills.

Central lesson: Learn how to communicate your ideas, thoughts and feelings assertively and collaboratively to build trust and mutual respect. 




The art of delivering powerful presentations is a learned skill. In this Module, you’ll learn how to introduce yourself and your topic, adapt to the different types of learners and challenging personalities and keep people engaged by asking meaningful and relevant questions. 

Central lesson: Learn the 5 core principles of delivering stellar presentations that build trust, authority and recognition and move people into action.




Strong workplace relationships can not only bring growth, motivation and an overall sense of well-being and friendship, but they can also propel your career forward, build trust with people in positions of power and allow others to know, like and trust you. In this Module, you’ll learn how to go beyond networking to build a strong foundation of support.

Central lesson: Learn the 3 Core Principles of building stronger relationships.




Your voice is a potent instrument that goes beyond mere words. Unlock its full potential in our “Leadership Communication & The Power of Your Voice” Masterclass.

Central Lesson: Discover how to amplify your influence, build trust, and command attention through the magnetic power of your authentic voice. Gain the skills to become a confident and compelling communicator, setting yourself apart as a respected leader in your career and personal life. Your voice is your superpower; it’s time to unleash it.

Stage 4: Influencing People



Conflict management helps nurture a productive working environment yet the inability to deal with conflict can lead to adverse outcomes and undermine your credibility and authority. In this Module, you’ll learn innovative strategies to tackle conflict effectively.

Central lesson: Learn the 5 strategies to effective and collaborative conflict resolution.





As a leader, you will be called upon to manage, inspire and influence a variety of people with different personality traits. Some are easier than others. But even the challenging ones need a leader. And that leader is you. In the Module, you’ll learn the different personality types and how to communicate with them to achieve your shared goals.

Central lesson: Learn the 9 most common challenging personalities in the workplace and tailored strategies to communicate with them.




Convincing others to agree with your point of view or to follow a course of action is an art. In this Module, you’ll explore the psychological principles behind persuasive communication, learn techniques to establish rapport and create connections, structure your message effectively to appeal to emotions and address objections proactively, reframe perspectives, and build consensus.

Central lesson: Learn the 5 Core Principles of Persuasive Communication.

Stage 5: Stand out as a Leader



Executive presence enables you to make a lasting impact on others. In this Module you’ll learn the essence of executive presence and it’s impact on leadership, techniques to enhance your body language, posture, and facial expressions to project authority and confidence and how to rebrand yourself in your current work environment

Central lesson: Learn the 5 core principles of Executive Presence.




Highly effective teams are innovative in problem-solving and display high communication and collaboration, delivering consistent and superior results. In this Module, you’ll learn to create and lead teams to a higher level of performance and success by understanding the dynamics behind success and high performance.

Central lesson: Learn 6 core principles in leading, nurturing and empowering high-performance teams.




Unlock the art of effective communication through our “Diplomatic Edge” Masterclass. In this module, you’ll delve into the delicate balance between assertiveness and diplomacy, mastering the skill of navigating even the most challenging conversations with finesse.

Central Lesson: Discover the key principles that guide assertive diplomacy, empowering you to build bridges, resolve conflicts, and foster harmonious relationships, both personally and professionally.



6 Stages,  15 videos and over 30 hours of training in the form of Masterclasses. Each Stage is broken down into specific Modules of learning so you can develop your skills on a strong foundation for lasting results.


Weekly LIVE Group coaching sessions to help you overcome challenges and execute in real time. These sessions are the holy grail of the program, providing unparalleled support, feedback and guidance for a profound transformation.


Whether you need a little boost,  a listening ear, or are eager to share your experience, your Community is here for you! This is your safe space to share network, empower others and feel empowered.

In addition to the core content you get:
8 bonus audio TRAINING

When you enrol today, you get instant access to 8 Audio Training – a transformative journey that guides you to unlock your utmost productivity, conquer fear, gain unparalleled clarity, and surpass your own expectations.


VALUE: $599

Audio 1: You vs You - Mastering Choice Architecture

Unveil the true architects of your destiny: your choices. It’s not just about making decisions, but sculpting outcomes. Dive deep into the anatomy of choices, honing the ability to decipher the best path forward based on envisioned outcomes rather than circumstantial hurdles. 

Audio 2: The Mission - Forging Your Purposeful Path

Delve into the heart of success with the creation of your personal mission statement. Translate your aspirations into a powerful narrative, infusing purpose into your pursuits and charting a course that is destined to resonate.

Audio 3: Back it up - Cultivating Unstoppable Habits

Release the shackles of unproductive habits and forge new, impactful ones that serve as conduits of momentum. Elevate your behaviours to match your ambitions, paving a road with the unwavering foundation of unbreakable habits.

Audio 4: Conquering Imposter Syndrom

In the realm of high achievers, imposter syndrome is a relentless adversary. Crush its grip and free yourself from the chains of doubt and inadequacy. Identify its insidious manifestations, understand its impact, and rise above its grip. 

Audio 5 : Unyielding Resilience - Triumph Over Setbacks

Harness the power of resilience. Embrace setbacks not as roadblocks, but as stepping stones toward your grandest triumphs. Discover strategies to rebound from adversity, fuel your determination, and propel forward with an unwavering spirit. 

Audio 6: Unleashing Success - Embodying Mental Toughness

Conquer challenges and seize success unrelentingly. Delve into the intricacies of unwavering mental toughness, equipped with techniques to weather storms, navigate ambiguity, and emerge stronger from trials. Transcend limitations, spark innovation, and forge an indomitable path to the pinnacle of achievement.

Audio 7: Unveiling Distinctiveness - Crafting Your Impact

Discover how your individuality is your greatest asset. In this module, you’ll unveil your unique qualities, refine your personal brand, and elevate your impact to unprecedented heights. With authenticity as your guide, you’ll illuminate your path, inspiring awe and admiration from peers, stakeholders, and the industry at large.

Audio 8: The Execution - From Vision to Reality

This isn’t just about knowledge – it’s about tangible results. Merge insight with action and transmute your aspirations into enduring triumphs. Learn to stay on course, even in the face of detours. With each stride, you’ll weave your vision into reality, transforming knowledge into a legacy of fulfillment and prosperity.

Take it From These Incredible Power Players:

“I had zero confidence. I went to see not one, two but three therapists and no one could help me. I paid thousands of dollars for Tony Robbins but he couldn't do for me what Eloise has done.”  Sally Awad

“I'm becoming a better colleague, a better leader, a better communicator. You never want to be that person in a meeting that rambles on, but no one knows how you're contributing to anything. Now I know how to show up differently and get my point across.” Brandy Bugni

“My colleagues are now coming to me for advice. A young colleague even told me that I was now paving the path for young women in our company. That was huge for me! I felt like I had finally arrived.” Julia

“I don't know what was going wrong: if it was the situation, the people or me, but I was in a horrible position. This program gave me the confidence and communication skills to get out of this situation and go on 3 interviews where before, I would've gotten none.” Devinka Shankar

But It doesn't stop here.
3 expert-led workshop bonuses



VALUE: $5,999

Invest Into Your Leadership Skills
Build Yourself a Successful Career Path

Power Player Academy
Total Value: $8,892 USD

Your Investment:

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($2,294 USD)

$1,997 USD (77% savings!)


4 Monthly Payments of $575 USD

VIP Power Player

Want more out of your experience? Elevate your journey with the VIP Immersion


Exclusive Group Coaching Sessions with Eloise

Dive into a close-knit, transformative group coaching experience led by Eloise Gagnon, LL.L., LL.M. Benefit from her expertise, real-life journey, and invaluable lessons in conquering public speaking fears, breaking free from people-pleasing, and embracing self-assuredness.


Assertiveness Role-Playing Workshops

Unveil your gateway to an exclusive, dynamic workshop – meticulously crafted to infuse assertiveness and self-assuredness into your communication. Immerse in live role-playing sessions alongside Eloise, fostering powerful leadership skills across diverse scenarios. Walk away equipped with the finesse to navigate any situation, exuding grace and unwavering authority.


Public Speaking Routine

Access Eloise’s exclusive pre-public speaking method, meticulously honed through 15 years of commanding leadership. This mindset and breathing ritual has propelled her through international boardroom negotiations as the lone female presence and electrifying keynotes before large and small audiences.

VIP Power Player
Total Value: $11,097 USD

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$3,599 USD (67% savings!)

Power Player Academy gives you:


Cancellation Policy

If you’ve opted for the monthly payment plan (as opposed to the annual plan) you may cancel at any time if you’re in any way unsatisfied.

The way you enter the room matters!

Eloïse Gagnon
LL.L., LL.M.,
Founder/CEO of Power Player Academy.

Born shy, introverted and insecure, I intimately understood the weight of low self-esteem.

Each day seemed like an uphill battle, a struggle to fit in and find my voice amidst the noise of doubt.

My journey took an unexpected turn when a shoe thrown at me across a meeting room was the jolt I needed to wake up. 

Enough people-pleasing, enough ignoring boundaries, enough being bullied. It wasn’t getting me anywhere, anyways!

I embarked on a quest that became the catalyst for what would later evolve into the Power Player Academy (PPA) Framework.

Through dedicated effort, I sculpted a new identity – one that radiated authority, resilience, and presence.

Today, with over two decades as a successful international business lawyer, I’ve honed the art of influence and communication. This unique journey drives my passion to guide others along their paths of self-discovery and transformation.

Join me in dismantling the grip of insecurities, and in forging a resolute path towards self-assuredness.

Take it From These Incredible Power Players:

Invest In Yourself
Craft a Future of Recognition with Power Player Academy

Your Investment

Power Player Academy
A total value of $8,892 for only
(77% savings!):

($2294 USD)

$1997 USD


4 Monthly Payments of $575 USD

VIP Power Player
A total value of $11,097 for
(67% savings!):

Exclusive Group Coaching Sessions with Eloise


Assertiveness Role-Playing Workshops


Public Speaking Routine

($4499 USD)

$3599 USD

Cancellation Policy

If you’ve opted for the monthly payment plan (as opposed to the annual plan) you may cancel at any time if you’re in any way unsatisfied.


YES! Having great mentors and coaches is the key common denominator among successful professionals yet  it’s the missing piece in many “formal training”. PPA bridges that gap: we offer you unparalleled training AND weekly group coaching to execute at your highest level.  All coaching sessions are recorded, giving you the option to come back, watch, take notes and take action.

Life can get incredibly busy, and your time is valuable. Power Player Academy is designed to fit into the lives of busy people you. The program’s flexibility allows you to progress at your own pace. While completing all modules is ideal for the most comprehensive transformation, you can tailor your learning journey to align with your availability.

Plus, remember that when you join Power Player Academy, you gain lifetime access to all the content. This means you can revisit and engage with the modules whenever it suits you best, ensuring you can fully absorb and integrate the valuable insights and techniques we offer. 

So, even amid your busy schedule, you’ll have the flexibility and resources to continue your growth journey at a pace that works for you. Your success is our priority, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.”busy

Anticipate a transformational journey within the Academy.

Here, you’ll acquire practical communication skills that resonate with authenticity.

Cultivate unwavering confidence and the magnetic allure of charisma.

Find clarity that guides your every move.

Embrace leadership that stems from within, empowering you to rise beyond expectations.

Bid farewell to guilt and shame, learning to stand up for yourself and radiate your brilliance.

Prepare for a fresh perspective that reshapes your approach.

Witness tangible progress as you navigate with coaching by your side.

Discover strategies, actionable steps, and meticulously laid-out processes that pave your way to success.

In essence, Power Player Academy ushers in a holistic transformation, unveiling the true leader within you.

Congratulations! Your success inspires us. After the 10 weeks, you’ll receive an exclusive invitation to join PPA’s Alumni Community. 

As part of this prestigious community of aspiring leaders, you’ll receive invaluable mentoring, coaching and access to industry experts-led workshops in various fields. Please note: this invitation is a one-of-a-kind opportunity that is only available to graduates of PPA’s Program. Don’t miss out on this amazing chance to grow your communication skills and connect with peers from around the world.

I deeply believe in all that we teach in Power Player Academy.

The success stories on this page, and the one I read everyday in my emails are why I do what I do.

According to my attorney, I must add this disclaimer:

DISCLAIMER: I don’t guarantee or warrant results. The testimonials on this page may not be typical for all students.

No. Everything you learn here, you can use both in your professional and your personal life to build stronger relationships, foster trust, engage in meaningful conversations and stand up for yourself – even to the person trying to take advantage of you when all you wanted was an oil change!

At the end of the day, PPA is designed to make you better at interacting with other humans. In all settings and situations, regardless if it’s a stranger, a colleague or a family member.

The Academy is tailor-made for you if:

You’re hungry for a life that’s more, a life where you own your voice, claim your space, and earn the recognition of peers, bosses, and clients alike.

Imagine leaving behind the fear of judgment, ditching imposter syndrome, and saying goodbye to people-pleasing – all while building unshakable confidence and reclaiming your power by using your voice.

You’ve dabbled in workshops and seminars before, but now you’re ready for more – you’re ready to transform knowledge into action, to see real, lasting results guided by expert mentorship.

You’re eager to tread new ground and seize fresh opportunities. If you’re nodding along, then buckle up – because the Academy is where your empowered journey begins.

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