1:1 Coaching program

Step into your leadership

Build your confidence, scale your business and create the impact you know you’re capable of. 

I remember wanting to scale my business to 7 and then 8 figures and having to work ridiculously hard in order to achieve my goals. It always felt overwhelming, exhausting and at times, almost impossible to achieve.

Things shifted when I realized there were thought patterns I could implement, actions I could take and a process I could follow that would allow me to not only scale and grow my business even faster but give me an overall sense of fulfilment.

These thought patterns, actions and processes are what I share with you in my coaching program.

When entrepreneurs come to me, they’ve been in business for a few years and are ready to scale. But somehow, they can’t break that glass ceiling; they can’t grow to the next level. It isn’t a lack of intelligence, ambition or drive.

It’s about knowing how to fit all the pieces together and assembling the puzzle.

My one-to-one 6-month coaching program allows you to go from overwhelmed, stuck and uncertain to confident, focused, clear and leading a thriving business.

This 6-month program is broken down into three parts:

1. Confidence & Mindset: Confidence is the foundation on which all success rests. Without confidence, you can’t handle rejection and failure, two essential parts of growing and scaling a business. This phase allows you to get off the comparison wagon and overcome imposter syndrome. It allows you to build your self-esteem and your self-worth and gives you the tools to face any challenge down the road.

2. Vision & Clarity: There is no point in working desperately hard to succeed if you don’t know what you want. In this phase, you will get crystal clear on what you want, what you offer, how you offer it and why you want to offer it.  The work you’ve done on your confidence will play a major role here because what you see as possible for yourself, you have to first believe you can achieve it.

3. Skills and strategies: This is where all the pieces of the puzzle come together. In this phase, you will develop your leadership skills such as proactivity, accountability, empathy, and attentive listening so you can show up as a leader, influence others, and create the impact you crave. This is also the phase where we talk about scaling strategies and next-level growth.

“People listen to experts but follow leaders. This program is where you step into your leadership.”

This coaching program is not for everyone.

You have to commit to 6 months of work that involves self-awareness, self-improvement and self-discovery. If there’s anything I’ve learned through my 15 years of practice as an international lawyer, it’s that you have to have a willingness to do the work, a willingness to succeed and a willingness to be coached through your failures.

That’s how to get ahead.

If you don’t have those 3 things, I am not the right coach for you.

If I am your coach, you will need to confront what is holding you back; you will be held accountable for your decisions and action; you will need to do the work, to show up on time and to keep your commitments.


Yes, you will get results.

Yes, you will achieve your goals.

Yes, you will scale up your business and inevitably, your life.

If you do your part, then I will over-deliver on mine.

Are you ready to transform yourself and your business? If so, apply to work with me by clicking the button below and filling out the questionnaire.

To your success,