Assertive Communication.
Unshakeable Confidence.
Commanding Presence.

Become Your Most Confident & Powerful Self.

What's the secret to bridging the gap between where you are now & where you want to be?

Executive Presence.

Executive Presence is the ability to inspire others by standing in your own personal power.

This includes: 

These are traits & skills that play a crucial role in professional success.

The problem is, no one teaches you how to master them.

Until now. 

Say hello to Power Player Academy.

Your answer to becoming the assertive + confident + charismatic professional you deserve to be.

Join the 2,500+ professionals whose
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Your transformation is waiting – are you ready?

The time is now to…

YOU HAVE THE POWER to practice & grow these life-changing skills.

It’s time to own your worth & become the powerhouse communicator & recognized decision-maker you long to be. 

Get ready to become your most confident & powerful self.

In POWER PLAYER ACADEMY, students delve deep into the beliefs & behaviors associated with each of the 5 key elements of the POWER PLAYER MODEL. Topics include:

Lesson 1. The Basic Principles of Self-Leadership
Lesson 2. Confidence in Action
Lesson 3. Self-Esteem & Worth
Lesson 4. Overcoming People-Pleasing
Lesson 5. Personal Vision

Lesson 1. Emotional Regulation
Lesson 2. Overcoming Speaking Anxiety
Lesson 3. Emotional Intelligence
Lesson 4. Emotional Resilience

Lesson 1. Assertiveness in Action
Lesson 2. Art of Influence
Lesson 3. Diplomatic Edge
Lesson 4. Presenting Like a Pro

Lesson 1. Conflict Resolution
Lesson 2. Dealing with Challenging Personalities
Lesson 3. Relationship Strength
Lesson 4. High-Performance Teams

Lesson 1. Executive Presence
Lesson 2. Vocal Style & Power
Lesson 3. Professional Image

Featuring a unique combination of on-demand training, live workshops, group coaching & elite mentoring, POWER PLAYER ACADEMY provides unparalleled opportunity for personal growth & professional development.


Work through your own specific goals, questions, & more in this customizable VIP Mentoring Program, led by PPA Founder, Eloise Gagnon. Monthly sessions are held in small group format for a truly personalized experience. *Available with Annual Plans only.

A full year of strategy-based weekly group coaching sessions led by Eloise & certified coaches to help you manage your emotions, speak assertively and command attention so you can reach the next level of success.

Monthly interactive sessions exploring challenging topics & sharing tangible strategies. Gain invaluable insider knowledge & professional expertise from best-in-class executive leaders. Can’t make it live? Workshops are added to your Power Room Dashboard within 48 hours.

Build connections, exchange ideas, & find support in our vibrant, international, online community of like-minded peers.

Gain instant, LIFETIME access to 40+ hours of pre-recorded, on-demand video training, Masterclasses, downloadable workbooks & more. Learn at your own pace, on your own timeline, from anywhere around the world.

In a convenient & easy-to-use format.

Our most successful students invest just 20 minutes a day.

A small amount of time for a life-changing transformation.
Start today for $2975.

(less than the price of your daily lunch)

Alternative Monthly Payment Plan available for 15 installments of $199.
*Monthly Plan does not include Elite-Level Mentoring Program with customized mentoring plan.

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A note from our founder...

Dear Leader,

As someone who has spent over 15 years navigating international corporate law, specializing in the complex negotiations of investments within the mining, oil, & gas industries, I understand the challenges you might face. Being the youngest & often only woman in the boardroom, my journey began with self-doubt, people-pleasing, & feeling invisible in a room filled with voices.

Now, as the founder of Power Player Academy, I’m passionate about sharing the transformative power of confident communication with people like you. With my expertise and support, you’ll not only unleash your full leadership potential, you’ll also project a strong & professional image. It’s time to rise above the barriers & lead with unwavering conviction. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together & redefine what exceptional leadership truly means.

Cheers to your transformation,

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Great leaders aren't forged in isolation, they thrive with guidance & support.

We’re here to support you as you become a needle-mover in every sense of the word. We want to ensure your voice is heard, your ideas are valued, & your contributions are recognized so that you always…

That’s why every workshop, coaching session, & mentoring moment is laser-focused on helping you cultivate & build the knowledge, skills, & abilities requisite for transformative change.

Elevate your presence & transform your life.

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