If you don't know me, I'm

Eloïse Gagnon

Former international business lawyer turned High Performance & Leadership Coach. 
To say that I failed my way to where I am today is an understatement. 
Earlier this year I published a post on LinkedIn that went viral.
I shared with my network how I failed everything: from my first year of law school, to 3 businesses, to pretty much loosing everything I owned.
But the most important piece of the post was this: after every failure, I made the choice to get back up.
At first, it was messy. 
I made many mistakes, spread myself too thin, chased the wrong outcome and spent way to much energy battling the thoughts in my head. 
But with the right guidance and enough trial and error, I developed a Blueprint of how to overcome setbacks for a successful outcome.
Because let’s face it, setbacks are part of life. There’s no way around them. 
This Blueprint is built on high performance behaviours and thought patterns that will build your mental toughness, creative thinking, confidence and focus so you can structure a successful outcome even if it seems
unlikely or even impossible right now.
The greatest reward for me comes from helping others.
When I was down and struggling to get my head above water, I knew that one day, when I’d figured out a system that works, I’d teach it to others.
Because we all struggle.
And it’s during those hard times that we need the most honest and truthful guidance. That we need a helping hand to get our footing and figure out
our next best move even if our current circumstances
seem so bleak.
This program will allow you to build your own Blueprint for overcoming setbacks.
One that you can use again and again whenever you face a challenge.
  • Overcome a setback or a heartbreaking failure that’s keeping you stuck in your current circumstances

  • Build the emotional resilience or what I like to call, mental toughness to pull you through challenges

  • Create your own Blueprint for a successful outcome based on more than 20 years of experience

  • Connect with a group of peers that are eager to let go of what’s holding them back

  • Raise the bar on yourself and get to your next big win
When you enrol in BOSS Group Coaching Program, you get:
  • Weekly live group coaching calls via Zoom.
  • Detailed workbooks sent to your inbox at the beginning of each week so you’re ready for the coaching call ahead.
  • Weekly inspirational emails that will keep you focused, motivated and inspired to let go of your current circumstances.
  •  Email support throughout the entire program because we never want you to feel like you’re going through this alone.
  • Additional Q&A videos sent to you, answering your most pressing questions and questions from other participants in a confidential way.
It took me 20 years to get to this point. To not only have a blueprint that allows me to overcome all the challenges in my life, but to have rebuild my life in a way that reflects my goals, my aspirations and my ambitions. 
When I failed my first year of law school, I thought I’d never be a lawyer yet a few years later, I was traveling the world, living in Abu Dhabi, working with highly successful business leaders.

When I failed at my third business, I didn’t think I was cut out to be an entrepreneur and my dream of impacting the world was quickly fading away yet a few years later, I’m the CEO of a 7-figure coaching and consulting business that allows me more time freedom than I could’ve imagined possible.
My 1:1 clients that have gone through the exact framework of this program experience similar breakthroughs.
See for yourself what this program can deliver for you.


$ 947