Trust - Building trust with your team

Trust is a tricky thing.

Have you ever trusted someone, fully, only to catch them in a little lie.

You’re thinking, it’s not that bad, it’s just a little lie, no one got hurt…

But then something inside of you shifts.

You inevitably start questioning the validity of what that person said in the past.

Was that the truth or another, inoffensive, little lie?

When doubt grows, trust is pushed out.

Eventually, with enough doubt and little lies, trust is gone.

In a work environment, that leads to a toxic culture of distrust with its downfall of decreased productivity, disengagement and demotivation…

The thing is, most of us don’t set out to lie.

We simply want to

deflect responsibility,
protect someone,
protect ourself,
ease the blow,
avoid conflict,
fit in…

But there’s a price to pay to earn someone’s trust.

And that price is honesty, integrity and authenticity.

As a leader, you need to embody those 3 values in everything you think, say and do.

Even if it means

being vulnerable,
facing conflict head on,
opening yourself up to criticism,
sticking to unpopular decisions or
taking ownership of your actions and results.

Building trust ins’t easy.

But being the incredible leader that you are, I know you’re up for the task.

Watch this video to learn more on how to build trusting relationships.

To your success,


P.S. Isn’t this what we all want in our business? A culture of trust.

Where we can speak our truth with authenticity, compassion and consideration.

Where we can exchange ideas, challenge new concepts and debate better outcomes with openness, honesty and attention.

Where we can grow both professionally and personally.

This is what our clients learn in our program, Guided Success Culture.

How to build a culture of trust.

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