3 Day Challenge Day 3

Building Leaders



Transform Your Story, Unlock Confidence, Ignite Success:
Your Path with the Confidence Catalyst Method.

Building Leaders

Secret #3: Response Delay

Welcome to Day 3 of this training on the 5 Powerful Secrets to Help You Speak Up with Unshakable Confidence And Exude A Powerful Presence.

If you've been following along, you've uncovered the first two secrets that all successful, trusted and confident leader and decision-makers know and follow. Today, I’m unravelling a big piece of the puzzle, one that makes people notice you, lean in to listen to you and give you an air of authority.

But first, let’s recap

In our first video I shared with you secret #1: a self-assessment to understand where we lack confidence. 

As we better understand where our lack is, we can also better understand what we need to learn, execute on so we can get the results we’re after. 

In yesterday’s video, we explored Secret #2 – Fear Exposure, a counterintuitive yet powerful technique to build resilience and face the fears that are holding us back from having the kind of impact and influence we are looking for.

Now, let’s talk about Secret #3, the one that makes people notice you, lean in to listen to you and give you an air of authority.

Secret #3 - Response Delay.

In the realm of emotional intelligence, there is something I teach which is emotional regulation, how to manage our emotions. 

Within emotional regulation are a few key elements, and one of them is response delay.

The brief moment of space between experiencing an emotion and reacting to it.

Instead of immediately responding to a situation based on the initial emotional surge, you intentionally pause, allowing yourself time to assess the situation and choose your response.

This pause can be as short as a few seconds, but it provides the necessary distance to prevent impulsive reactions driven solely by emotions. 

During this pause, you decide on a more measured and constructive course of action.

This empowers you to respond to challenges with greater control, objectivity, and effectiveness.

It is a simple yet powerful strategy that can significantly enhance emotional self-regulation and contribute to improved decision-making and interpersonal relationships.

Your trust factor, credibility and authority shoot through the roof.

Just how important is EQ for you

According to Harvard Business School, EQ is one of the most sought-after interpersonal skills in the workplace. 

In fact, “71 percent of employers value emotional intelligence more than technical skills when evaluating candidates and the strongest predictor of performance”. “Employees with high emotional intelligence are more likely to stay calm under pressure, resolve conflict effectively, and respond to co-workers with empathy.”*

You want to handle conflict with grace and poise, manage difficult personalities, and get your point across even though you’re being bullied and steamrolled in a conversation, you need to start here.

It’s what helps you successfully coach teams, manage stress, deliver and receive feedback, and collaborate with others.

What's Next

Now, you might be thinking, “How do I put all of these pieces together?” The answer lies in our upcoming Live Masterclass. Secret #4 and #5 will be revealed during this exclusive session. 

Here’s what you need to do next: clear your calendar for tomorrow at 11am EST. Get your notepad and pen ready and bring an open mind to what you’re about to learn as I will guide you through practical steps to integrate these secrets into your professional life. 

Share your thoughts and expectations for the Live Masterclass in the comments below.

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3 Day Challenge Day 2

Building Leaders


Building Leaders

Intentional vs Unexpected

Welcome to Day 2 of this training on the 5 Powerful Secrets to Help You Speak Up with Unshakable Confidence And Exude A Powerful Presence.

In our last video, we talked about the pivotal role confidence plays in your personal and professional life.

Believing in yourself makes everything possible. 

Trusting your ability to confidently articulate your thoughts clearly establishes you as a leader, decision-maker, and someone deserving of recognition and respect.

Today, I’m sharing Secret #2 with you, which will help you take the next step using what you have learned about yourself in Secret #1.

Now one of the biggest obstacles to Speak Up with Unshakable Confidence And Exude A Powerful Presence stems from fear. 

The role fear plays

Our fears hold us hostage and prevent us from expressing ourselves clearly. 

We shy away from opportunities, we stay silent instead of speaking up, we allow others to steamroll us in meetings, we say yes when we really want to say no, we allow our emotions to get the best of us during hard conversations…

When you look at your self-assessment and ask yourself why you got those answers you’ll find that somewhere in there, there’s fear: a fear of criticism, rejection, humiliation, failure, judgment. 

Our fears take over.

Between the fear of rejection and walking into a room with authority and poise there is a gap. 

Between the fear of criticism and speaking up with conviction and emotional resilience there is a gap.

Between the fear of judgement and imposter syndrome and expressing my ideas with clarity and assertiveness, there is a gap.

And it’s that gap that we need to fill.

Secret #2

This takes us to Secret #2 to fill in that gap: Fear-Exposure

Fear exposure is a deliberate and systematic approach to confronting and gradually desensitizing yourself to fears and anxieties.

Fear exposure involves intentionally putting yourself in situations that trigger your fears. 

You might be thinking: I already feel fear, why would I intentionally put myself in situations that bring out the very fears I am looking to overcome?

Why Fear Exposure?

The distinction between experiencing fear in an unexpected situation (for example, being asked to give an impromptu presentation) and deliberately putting yourself in a situation where fear may arise (volunteering to be part of a panel at the next corporate event) lies in the element of control and intentionality.

This deliberate choice gives you control over the degree and intensity of the exposure. 

You can gradually increase the difficulty of the situations as they become more comfortable, allowing for a systematic and controlled approach.

Unexpected Situation: Fear arises as a natural response to a perceived threat or challenge.

Deliberate Exposure: Fear is embraced as a tool for growth, resilience-building, and overcoming specific fears.

The thing with fear is that it’s an emotion and just like any other emotions, it’s when we know how to manage them which leads us to our third secret in tomorrow’s video.

Share your reflections, questions, or breakthrough moments in the comments below. Don’t miss the opportunity to own your voice and claim your space—playing small is over!

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3 Day Challenge Day 1

Learn 5 Powerful Secrets to Help You Speak Up with Unshakable Confidence And Exude A Powerful Presence.




Recognition, financial stability, career growth, leadership, success… all rely on a few personal skills that aren’t taught in schools.

Skills like confidence, clear and persuasive communication, a commanding presence, and an ability to speak with conviction and manage our emotions.

The journey to building, executing and embodying these skills requires a clear roadmap.

If you’ve ever felt overlooked, struggled to assert yourself, and feared that your opinions may not be valued, you’re not alone.

Building those skills requires two essential ingredients:

  • The know-how
  • The willingess to persist

I will give you the know-how. I will even give you tools to enahnce your resilience.

What I can’t do however, is do the work for you. That’s your part. That’s what I’m counting on you for.

That’s what your future self in counting on you for.

I’ve been in your shoes.

If you’re new to my teachings, I’m Eloïse Gagnon and maybe like you, I was born shy, introverted, and insecure.

I thought going to law school would make me into a powerhouse lawyer like the ones on Law & Order and The Practice.

That didn’t happen… I became even more self-aware and self-conscious.

As a protective mechanism, I became an avid people-pleaser.

I had a rude awakening when a shoe was thrown at me across a meeting room at the law firm where I worked.

I remember thinking : “how do I get people to listen to me… forget listen to me… how do I get them to *see* me for long enough that they may, maybe, want to listen to me? How do I *not be me* while still being *me*?”

That’s when I went down a rabbit hole of skill improvement: And probably just like you, I read every book and took all of the trainings and mentoriships I could find on self-leadership, self-mastery, emotional management, emotional resilience, confidence, charisma, communication, body language, leadership, presence…

Throught out those years, I realized there were a handful of secrets all successful leaders, decision-makers, influencer, sales people knew and executed on.

Those are the secrets I’m sharing with you in the course of this training as each training will reveal a new secret, that builds on the previous one.

Let’s agree on this first

Confidence is more than a mere personality trait; it’s an unwavering belief in yourself and your abilities.

It’s the assurance that, irrespective of challenges or setbacks, you possess the competence and resilience to overcome them. Confidence manifests not as arrogance, but as a inner strength that radiates authenticity and self-assuredness.

You’re more likely to:

  • Actively seek and embrace opportunities, to take on meaningful and fulfilling projects or pursue leadership roles. It leads to promotions, salary increases, financial freedom and peace of mind.
  • Articulate thoughts and ideas clearly, making a compelling case in meetings, presentations, and negotiations.
  • Approach decision-making with assurance, trusting your judgment and trusting that others will trust your judgement.
  • View failures as an external experience versus a part of who they are. Confident people acknowledge failure for what it is: an experience, not a personality trait.

In a personal setting, confidence plays a pivotal role in building a life of fulfilment. Being confident, you’re more likely to:

  • Set and communicate clear boundaries, ensuring healthy and respectful interactions.
  • Express thoughts, feelings, and aspirations, fostering deeper connections with others.
  • Navigate conflicts with grace and assertiveness, contributing to constructive resolutions and strengthened relationships.
  • Take risks on things that bring meaning and purpose to your life.
  • Remove myself from things that don’t serve me or hurt me or bring me pain and guilt and shame.
  • Addressing Concerns: Raise and Answer the Most Important Potential Objections

But where do I start?

You might be wondering, “Can I really be confident? Can anyone be confident? I’ve always been introverted, shy, lacking self-doubt? I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t critical of myself and when I didn’t doubt myself”

Yes, this will work for you.

Whatever happened in the past: the pain, the bullying, the insults, the missed opportunities… you can decide right now, to leave all of it right here, let it drop to your feet and decide that as of now, you are going to take the persistent actions to be the confident, powerful person who has a career and a life of fulfilment and success.

Secret #1: Understanding and assessing self-confidence

If you want to build the kind of confidence that gets you noticed and heard, you need to know where your starting point is.

Too often, we over-generalize and over-characterise ourselves as lacking confidence. But by doing a self-assessment, we can determine where and to what extent we lack confidence and   build genuing confidence from there.

Now you may be wondering where do I go from here?

Stay tuned to find out as I reveal secret #2 in tomorrow’s video.

Share your thoughts and your results from the assessment in the comments below.!

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