law of attraction really works


Part 1 of 2

In this 2 part serie, we’ll take a closer look at the Law of attraction and how to make it work for you.

Does the law of attraction really work? I must get that question, or a variant thereof, at least once a week.

Usually this question comes form people who have read books, listened to podcasts, seen movies, searched the web through and through and feel they have learned all they can’t about the Law of attraction but can’t seem to make it work for them.

They feel they have done everything right to manifest the life of their dreams but little has changed and they are standing amidst their same reality, or so it seems, sightly more discouraged and wondering why they are being left out of the magic circle.

So here’s my answer every single time:

YES, the law of attraction works.

NO, there isn’t a magic circle.

The Law of attraction works just like the law of gravity works, BUT it might not work like you think it does, or as you’ve been led to believe it does.

So the question becomes not if the Law of attraction works but how does it work.

And the answer lies in this question:

How are you aligning your actions with your desired attraction?

Let me give you an example.

A negative example.

We often forget that the Law of attraction works both ways.

The Law knows no right or wrong, good or bad, godly or evil. It simply is.

Remember the Law of gravity? It works regardless of what the object is.

It doesn’t matter if your grand-mother’s precious china or your old unwanted dish falls from the counter: it will reach the ground and most probably shatter. Whether it was precious or not.

The Law of attraction works the same way.

Before people were writing books on the Law of attraction

Some 20 years ago, I was watching an episode of Oprah. This was way before anyone was talking about the Law of Attraction or making movies about it.

On the show were parents whose children had been sentenced to serve a ridiculous amount of consecutive life sentences for the atrocious crimes they had committed.

When Oprah asked one father, a polished, well spoken and well educated man, why he thought his son had committed those crimes, the father answered: it’s because of X movie (a violent, gang related movie).

The father went on to say that his son and his best friend, both pleading guilty to the crimes, had watched the same violent, hateful, gang related movie every single day after school for over a year.

Some days, they watched the movie up to three times.

Then one day, they committed crimes much like the ones in the movie.

That, is the Law of Attraction.

These boys came from good families, went to good schools and had a bright future ahead.

But they filled their minds and their bodies, day after day, with violence, hate and gang related crimes.

Then one day, when the opportunity presented itself, as is the work of the Law of attraction, they simply acted on what they had physically and emotionally integrated for the past year.

According to the parents, the change in attitude didn’t happen overnight. It happened over time.

Did those boys believe in the Law of attraction?

I don’t know, maybe they did.

But considering this took place over 20 years ago, when no one was talking about the Law, I’m gonna say it’s unlikely.

Yet, the Law still applied.

It doesn’t matter whether you believe in it or not, the Law works.

And it works regardless of the kind of message you are sending.

So why is it that some people seem to be able to manifest their dream life and others can’t?

Is it because of some magic trick or some secret code?

Unlike what some people may want you to believe, there is no secret code to the Law of attraction. It works for everyone, the same way.

How do you get the Law of attraction to work for you?

Before I get to that, let me share with you, with her permission, Jessica’s story.

Jessica came to me because she wanted to learn self-leaderhsip skills.

She had her eyes set on a promotion at work and wanted, not only, to get that promotion, but also make sure that once she did get it, she excelled at the task.

Her mindset for the promotion was spot on. She was focused on the short and long term.

She was clear on what she wanted and she was aligned.

Teaching her the skills was effortless.

But as we got talking, Jessica confided in me that she didn’t have many friends and mainly focused on her career and her family.

I sensed a sadness in her voice and I could feel she longed for some kind of friendship.

So I gave her exercices and mantras to implement in her daily routine to open herself up to the possibility of friendship.

When I saw Jessica again a few months later, she was thrilled to share that she had gotten her promotion but disappointed she hadn’t been able to make any friends.

That seemed odd to me so I asked her if she had been implementing the exercises and mantras and if anybody had approached her following her promotion.

She said she did the exercises religiously and yes, a few co-workers had come to congratulate her.

I asked her to give me the details of those conversations.

It quickly became apparent that Jessica loved to gossip.

Her love for gossiping was actually getting in the way of her making friends.

Her actions were conflicting with her desires.

On one hand, she wanted to attract friends but on the other, she was pushing them away.

Her coworkers saw Jessica as someone driven and ambitious but not as someone approachable or even friendly.

They feared that since she gossiped about everyone, being friends with her would make the target of even more gossip.

So they stayed away. And Jessica remained friendless.

When I shared that with Jessica, it’s as if a lightbulb went off in her head.

She realized that she was sending mixed signals to the Universe.

The Law of attraction cannot function on mixed signals.

Next week I’ll share with you the 3 keys to making the Law of attraction work for you.

Set your reminder because you don’t want to miss this next post.

In the meantime, leave me a comment or send me an email and let me know how the Law of attraction has worked for you!