Ask these questions before setting your business goals.


We are all eager to move forward. To set new goals, to get on with business.

But before you set business goals, I encourage you to do some ground work.⁣

You need to understand yourself, and your goals, on a deeper level.

In order to do so, ask yourself the 3 following questions.

At first glance, these questions may not seem like they have anything to do with goal setting or even goal reaching.

But I assure you that the ground work you don before setting new goals will have massive ripple effects as you move towards your success.

Ask yourself these questions before every new goal you are setting for yourself and your business.

You may be surprised at some of the answers you get and need to adjust your goals accordingly.

First question: What can I learn from my previous failures/attempts?

You’ve probably heard that success leaves clues, but so does failure. ⁣

What ever failure you’ve experienced in the past, dig through it and extract what lessons can be learned so that you don’t repeat the same mistakes twice.⁣

Ask yourself, before this pandemic hit, what path was my business on?

What setbacks did I go through that I can learn from?

Failures are lessons to be learned… if we choose to learn from them. Use your failures, don’t let them use you.

Second question: Why do I want to reach these specific goals?

Are you really looking to reach those goals for yourself or to impress someone else?

Is this really what you want or does it have anything to do with social media pressure or family pressure?

Do you really want to reach those goals are is it simply because everyone else is also going after these goals?

If a goal isn’t right for you or your business, you need to let it go.

It may be right for someone else but it doesn’t make it right for you.

And I would much rather you know this from the start then to waste time going after something that will only bring disappointment because it was not yours to reach in the first place.

Then lastly,

Third question: What stories am I telling myself that are blocking my way?

Getting inside your head at this point is very important.

These are the stories that stand in your way. The ones that put the sticks in your own wheels.

You know what stories I’m talking about.

The ones you wouldn’t say out loud. The ones that have you say that because you’ve failed once, you’re likely to fail again.

The ones that tell you that you are nothing special, that others that do the exact same thing as you are much better and more qualified then you are.

Those stories that tell you that you don’t have what it takes to succeed or that you can’t justify your price for your services/products.

It is those negative and self-imposed stories that I am talking about.

⁣Asking yourself these questions is not easy work. It takes patience, practice and consistency.⁣

It takes courage.

But aren’t your goals worth the effort?

If you answered yes, am I hope you did, then click HERE. This is the first step towards growing your successful business.

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There is no escaping the hard work, but having a framework makes it that much easier.

To your success,


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