women taking leadership and applying the principles of proactivity


I could not be more grateful for how well you responded to my series on the 3 leadership skills everybody should learn. 

It was by far my favourite post series and it was clearly yours also.

Shortly after posting part II of the serie, I started getting a lot of emails.

Emails would go as such:

  • I work for a very difficult boss. How do I apply proactivity to create a different work environment?
  • My relationship with my partner is very strained. How do I apply the elements of proactivity to get in back on track?
  • I have these goals and dreams but I always seem to fall short on realizing them. How can I apply proactivity to make them happen?

How to apply proactivity

After reading all the emails, and responding to each one,  it became apparent that there was a common theme to all of them: how to put proactivity into action.

I knew that for every person that took the time to send me an email and ask the question, there was a dozen others that had the same question but didn’t reach out.

And because my main goal is for you to get all the self-leadership tools you need to create the life you want, I made a Q&A video where I answer that common question.

You can watch the video by clicking the link below.


If you follow my on Instagram, the video is also in my Story Highlights.

I’ll repeat it again and again: proactivity is your number one tool in achieving the results you want.

Not only does it put you in the driver seat of your own life, but it also pushes you to take control of your environment.

When you apply the principles of proactivity, you can find solace in the fact that regardless of the outcome, you out yourself out there and you made things happen.

You didn’t sit around and wait for life to push you around: you took it by the horn and led it to where you wanted to go.

And that, in and of itself, is a mighty victory!

Once you’ve watched the video, send me an email or write a comment below and tell me how you apply the principles of proactivity in your life.


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