Winning at building trust

Last year I started coaching one of my international clients. We didn’t suspect that trust was an issue.

Her business was struggling and she felt overwhelmed.

She had lost sight of her goals. She didn’t how to keep going or even where to start.

Her business was running her instead of her running her business.

She was focusing on mechanically delivering her services and getting the job done.

So we devised a personalized plan to get her back on track.

We worked on her business growth mindset, redefined her vision and mission statement, streamlined her services and aligned her people.

But mostly, we brought things back to building trust with potential customers and reaffirming trust with her existing ones.

  • She made her visible in her community and being active in social events
  • She used her social media to showcase more of her caring and humouristic personality which made her more relatable to potential clients.
  • She took the time to get to know her customers: their birthdays, wedding anniversaries, children’s favourite sports and important upcoming events.
  • She openly shared her values and what she believes in.

When the pandemic hit her country, I knew she’d come through.

Grounded in her vision and mission, putting trust at the fore front of her business, she turned things around and offered her services in a new light.

By leading a thriving business despite the crisis, she was able to generously give back to her community and serve others.

To me, that’s the greatest win of all.

When you are grounded in your vision and mission, when you put trust as a priority in your business, you…

Develop the right mindset.

Inspire customers to take action.

Grow your business.

To learn how you can grow your business and ground yourself in your values, mission and vision, click HERE.

To your success,