embrace change to move closer to your goals

Change is inevitable.

When you set your heart on something you want out of life.

When you mindfully implement visualization and meditation.

When you become crystal clear about your goals and what you want to see manifest in your life.

When your thoughts translate into actions…

Transformation is inevitable.

Change is often times scary, uncomfortable and stressful.

But if you want to change your current situation. If you want to go after something that is not currently in your life, it impossible to hold on to the past while trying to grasp the futur. 

It is impossible to hold on to status quo.

It is impossible to hold on to the person you were yesterday, if you are trying to change the person you want to be tomorrow.

Being true to yourself in the NOW is what will allow you to align yourself with your purpose and propel you to your destiny.


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A few weeks back, I wrote a blog post on 7 unconventional keys for increased productivity (you can read it HERE and get your cheat sheet HERE). One of those 7 keys is visualization. A few days after publishing the post, I started receiving emails from readers asking more details about this practice. Some readers confided that they were confused about how to implement this key since this key  seem to work so well for others but had never really worked for them. Other readers simply discarded that practice as inefficient.

Trust me, I understand your frustration.

I understand what it’s like to want something so bad and yet feel like it’s always out of reach.

I understand because I’ve been there.

But please don’t despair and trust me when I say this key works. But it needs the right elements to produce the right results.


Behind the superpower of visualization


Many have been led to believe that visualization is merely a form of daydreaming. That putting together a vision board is sufficient to bring forth miraculous results.

Although it can happen (we’ve all heard unicorn stories), it most often requires a little more heart and a little more soul.

In order to kick your visualization into high gear and harness the power of attraction, I’ve put together this video where I share two powerful tips that will transform your visualization practice from daydreaming to active materializing.



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