re-think your to-do list to align it with your goals


TODAY, I challenge you to rethink your To-do list.

A To-do list is nothing more then an enumeration of tasks you have to do for the day, the week or the month.

But can it serve another purpose?

Can it help you be more productive?

The answer is a resounding YES!

For years I struggled to find a way to get through with to-do lists. A way that didn’t completely exhaust me or get me frustrated.

A way that I could get the things that would get me closer to my goals, done.

If you took a closer look at your to-do list right now, how many items on there really get you where you want to go?

How many on there are really allowing you to take a step froward towards your goal.

If your to-do list looks like mine used to, not many.

Learn how to write your to-do list in a way that allows you to get closer to your goals in this short practical, step-by-step video.

This may take a little getting used to and a little pre-work before you hit the ground running as it requires you to figure out your mission statement (I have something that can help you with that HERE) and you’ll also need to narrow down your goals to only 3.

The time you’ll spend creating your mission statement and clarifying your goals is time very well spent.

Your mission statement and your goals will not only serve you here but also in all aspects of your business.

And you life.Once you implement this strategy, you will never look at your array of tasks the same way again.

Leave me a comment and let me know how you’ve implemented this strategy in your business.

To your success,



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